Why Twitter Bootstrap is Cool

By, Emily Ellison

During Code Academy, there was little that changed more frequently than my opinion of Twitter Bootstrap.

When I first got started doing Hartl's Tutorial, I thought Twitter Bootstrap was amazing. This gem had taken the very ordinary HTML pages I had been doing (featuring Times New Roman font and left-aligned text), and made my web pages beautiful, approachable, and responsive.

Once I started reading about CSS, I shunned Twitter Bootstrap. This tool seemed impossible to break in to pieces or customize. And it seemed like the only developers using this tool had no design interest. I was going to learn CSS from scratch, and roll my own design.

I began playing with fonts, colors, and border radii at first. And at full size on my browser, my site looked awesome, but as soon as I resized my browser or opened up my site on my iPhone, it turned sloppy with fonts changing and floating elements running wild. At this point, I became painfully aware of the impact...