ClojureScript Hit the Ground Running

By, Neo Ellison

I made the switch to Clojure a little over a year ago, and since then have became obsessed with pulling as much of the development process into the Clojure world as practical. While I have been looking to get into ClojureScript for a long time I have always had a lot of trouble getting started. Often I would block off some time to build a sample app and spend almost all of my time struggling to get the repl to connect to the browser, and be too exhausted to actually build anything. Fortunately I have finally gotten everything behaving, I today I am going to walk you through doing the same.

A little about my setup, in my Clojure development environment I run TTD with Speclj, and live coding in Emacs with the excellent Emacs-Live package. This allow for an instant feedback cycle for both running code snippet, in emacs documentation, unit tests, and the full end to end tests. It was very important to me to have the same degree of control and being able to use...